Oak Si Fives Sqaured Bk Przm Mtm Pol [RS-OAKOO9238-15]

Oak Si Fives Sqaured Bk Przm Mtm Pol [RS-OAKOO9238-15]

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The Standard Issue Prizm Maritime Collection was developed to specifically address the challenges of water environments. Utilizing formulated dye compounding technologies" the lens technology emphasizes colors most sensitive to the eyes across varying light conditions. Engineered to reduce glare and separate colors to give you better visibility on the ocean horizon. Enhances greens and reds and filters out the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision on open water and increases contrast to help you identify targets out on the water. If the world wasn't made to fit you" you're in good company. The legends of action sports go through life reveling in originality and crushing conventional ideas beyond recognition. If ordinary sunglasses just don't fit" Fives Squared is the answer. Unlike conventional sunglasses that stick out at the sides" this frame uses Condensed Cranial Geometry for a tapered architecture that feels as good as it looks and it's a look that soaks sophistication in adrenaline. Dimensional reliefs" metal icons and sculpturally integrated hinges take the whole idea of street-smooth style and amp it with attitude.