Dt Mdrx Conv Kit 556nato 16" 30rd Sd [RS-DTMDR-CK-B1630-SE]

Dt Mdrx Conv Kit 556nato 16" 30rd Sd [RS-DTMDR-CK-B1630-SE]

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The Multi-Caliber modularity of the MDRX is what sets it years ahead of the competition. Caliber conversions can be done with minimal tools and in less than a few minutes. The Desert Tech MDRX Conversion Kit comes with everything you need to switch your MDR or MDRX rifle from one caliber to another. This MDRX Conversion kit comes with Desert Tech's proprietary Raiden Flash Hider installed! The Raiden Flash Hider has been designed specifically for 5.56/.223 to maximize performance for your MDRX and any other brand rifle. The Raiden allows for faster target acquisition on follow up shots and improved accuracy because it eliminates barrel rise using caliber specific porting. Their unique interlaced 3 prong design minimizes concussion while hiding flash signature. MDRX Conversion Kits are available in multiple calibers" barrel lengths and in forward or side eject configurations. If you plan on changing your rifle from Forward Eject to Side Eject" or Side Eject to Forward Eject" additional FE to SE or SE to FE conversion kits will be required.

MDRX 16" Forward Eject Barrel Assembly - ready to install
Desert Tech's Raiden Flash Hider (installed)
Magpul Gen 3 Pmag 30 Round
5.56 Nato / 223 Remington Side Eject Bolt Assembly
5.56 Nato / 223 Remington Conversion Bar
5.56 Nato / 223 Remington Side Eject Chute Panel
Compatible with all MDR and MDRX Side eject rifles